File a grievance


  • Establish a grievance policy and procedure within the CSSLH so that a process is available to communicate grievances and allow appropriate resolution.
  • Encourage resolution of grievances and conflicts at the team level when possible.
  • Recognize that some situations cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the team level or at the lowest possible level and require intervention at a higher level within the club.



  1. Discuss and report the grievance with the appropriate parent / coach / team manager.
  2. If the issue is not resolved, write a formal, detailed grievance to the CSSLH Board of Directors and email it to


  • The Board of Directors of the CSSLH will determine whether the measures taken to date are appropriate and whether no further measures are required; or if the grievance requires further investigation and resolution by the CSSLH Board of Directors.
  • The person presenting the grievance is welcome to present their case at any meeting of the Board of Directors of the CSSLH. However, the CSSLH board of directors reserves the right to deliberate in private if it considers that the situation so requires.
  • The decision of the CSSLH board of directors is the last action at club level.


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