Unless specified oterwise, the IFAB Laws of the Game are applicable to all games: Laws of the Game

Games played in Saint-Lazare are under the juridiction of Soccer Lac-St-Louis, and unless otherwise specified, the competition rules of Soccer LSL are application: Competition Rules

Game Duration:

  • U7-U8: 2x 20-minute halves
  • U9-U10: 4x 12-minute periods
  • U11-U12: 2x 30-minute halves
  • U13-U14: 2x 35-minute halves
  • U15-U16: 2x 40-minute halves
  • U17+: 2x 45-minute halves

Normal Game Procedure:

  1. Players and coaches show up to the field at least 15 minutes prior to kick-off time;
  2. Coaches hand the game sheet to the referee;
  3. The referee proceeds with the field and player inspections; he is the only one with the authority to allow/exclude a player or start/interrupt the game;
  4. The game gets played - in safety.

Rules specific to U7-U10 categories (See LSL document above for more details):

  • Goalkeepers cannot clear the ball using the conventional "punt". If they do, play must be restarted with a dropped ball in favour of the goalkeeper inside their penalty area;
  • In normal throw-in situations, play is restarted using a kick-in using the foot, or by dribbling directly.
  • Retreat Line (Also applicable in U11-U12): During a goal kick, if the distance is requested, the game resumes at the referee's whistle when the opposing team's players have vacated the thrid in which the goal kick is being taken. The retreat line is indicated by cones placed at 5m (10m in U11-U12) from the halfway line, in each half.




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